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Female Executive Search

According to industry research, gender diversity positively correlates with a larger workforce, better innovation, and increased business performance.

ERC has launched Female Executive Hiring to provide practical support for all platform enterprises in attracting, developing, and retaining female talent. This initiative also serves as a tangible demonstration of our commitment to gender equality for clients and candidates. Our vision is to create a shared culture across the global recruitment sector, allowing individuals to fulfill their potential at work regardless of gender.

Professional executive women are highly sought after across many enterprises in nearly every industry today. Women make great leaders, are respected as managers, and consistently build successful teams. ERC is dedicated to promoting the value of women in leadership roles and connecting businesses with our community of highly experienced female candidates.

Today’s women executives are positively influencing their companies and the global community. However, while women are building successful and lucrative careers at the highest levels in many companies, we still have a long way to go. ERC is at the forefront of sourcing and placing senior-level women in key management roles.

What Makes Us Different?

3.7Mn+ women employees are in our global database.

326K+ board level & 100K+ C-Level women in our global database.

1.1Mn+ female senior managers in our global database.

48-96 hours submission delivery.

Membership in the 30% club, partnership with Aurora 50/ Pathway20 as well as the board list in the USA.

Recruitment campaigns.

End-to-end account management tailored to each client.

Proven track record and expertise across the region and 20+ industries.

Normal recruitment to executive search.

Detailed approach to recruitment focused on a special understanding of the market sectors.

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"There is no force equal to a woman
determined to rise!"

W. E. B. Dubois
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Our focus on female executive search reflects our ethical global behavior as well as our keen interest in bringing about workplace gender diversity through women empowerment. The executive search further stretches beyond borders into emerging nations to ensure that every talented person gets the rightful exposure irrespective of where they are from.