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Recruitment Campaign

Our extensive research on the public perception of an organisational culture and targeting the right demographic through apt and perfectly devised recruitment campaigns bring in the right employees that the company wants. Our experience in the market, professionalism, integrity and high-touch processes allow our team to build reputation internationally with clients, candidates and business leaders. We integrate the recruiting process with the company values to highlight the corporate culture through the process and to be recognised by the potential candidates.

We have successfully run legions of recruitment campaigns across the world which brought in myriads of high end prospects to our clients. We managed to recruit top 80 candidates out of 500 who appeared as a result of a campaign we have organised in Albania and Kosovo for customer service posting at a leading money exchanger. Another successful campaign was run for the placement of the largest number of Emiratis at a leading hospital in Abu Dhabi which recruited over 60 candidates in the positions for Admin, Patient representation, HR Admin and Call Center Agents from 500 prospects who attended the interview. And these are just some of our campaigns run across countries and markets.Our list of fruitful campaigns are numerous which roots from our paramount attention to detail in conducting the campaigns.

Connect with Our Experts

Albina min

Albina Raka

Recruitment Consultant
Yasir min

Yasir Arafat

Global Recruitment Team Lead
Rhomiela min

Rhomiela Diafante

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Lissa min

Lissa Shomuzhanga

Recruitment Consultant
Quratulain min

Quratulain Maqsood

Global Team Lead
Mansi min

Mansi Gaikwad

Recruitment Consultant
Rina min 1

Rina B. Tafili

Senior Recruitment Consultant/ Content Writer
Safran min

Safran Nazeer

Senior Recruitment Consultant