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Rina min 1

Rina B. Tafili

Senior Recruitment Consultant/ Content Writer

Introducing Rina, a dedicated professional whose journey with ERC International is a harmonious blend of passion and purpose. Initially starting as a recruiter, she embarked on an academic pursuit in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Now, she returns not only as a recruiter but also as a dynamic content creator.

Mansi min

Mansi Gaikwad

Recruitment Consultant

Mansi is an experienced Senior Recruitment Consultant with a demonstrated 8 years of work experience. She is known for her effective communication and strong analytical skills, which enable her to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently.

Safran min

Safran Nazeer

Senior Recruitment Consultant

As a Senior Recruitment Consultant at ERC International, he is committed to evolving recruitment strategies to stay ahead of industry trends. He aims to elevate their recruitment processes and contribution to its reputation as a premier talent destination by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering meaningful connections. His knack for building relationships and understanding client requirements allows him to deliver tailored staffing solutions that drive business success.

Albina min

Albina Raka

Recruitment Consultant

Albina joined the predecessor of ERC International in 2021 and has been actively engaged in sourcing and filling diverse vacancies across various industries, ranging from junior to senior positions.

Quratulain min

Quratulain Maqsood

Global Team Lead

Qurat-ul-Ain Maqsood is a Senior Recruitment Team Lead specializing in Consumer Electronics, Emiratization & Retail Sector at ERC International Qurat-ul-Ain Maqsood is a Senior Recruitment Team Lead specializing in Consumer Electronics, Emiratization, and the Retail Sector at ERC International Human Resources. She possesses a passion for connecting top-tier talent with exceptional opportunities, and boasts a proven track record in sourcing, evaluating, and selecting candidates across diverse industries.

Rhomiela min

Rhomiela Diafante

Senior Recruitment Consultant

She is a highly motivated and experienced recruiter with a profound passion for connecting companies with top-quality talent. With six years of experience in the recruiting industry, she has developed a deep understanding of the hiring process and a proven record of successfully placing top-quality candidates in a variety of industries. Her expertise lies in Emiratization and BFSI. Her strengths encompass sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates, as well as building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and candidates. She is a natural communicator with a robust ability to comprehend and articulate the needs of both parties.