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Senior Recruitment Consultant

Havushe Zharku

Talent Whisperer & Industry Virtuoso | Connecting Excellence across Global Markets

Market Research & Industry Adaptability
Relationship Building
Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills


A results-driven Recruitment Consultant with a passion for talent acquisition and a proven track record across a diverse array of industries. Her career spanning years has positioned her as a sought-after expert for companies in need of exceptional professionals across retail, IT, hospitality, construction, engineering, fashion, and consumer electronics. Operating across global emerging markets and GCC, she has served clients in 12 countries to-date.

She holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering with Informatics. This comprehensive education not only endowed her with a robust foundation in industrial engineering principles but also furnished her with a deep understanding of informatics and its applications. This unique amalgamation of knowledge empowers her to optimize processes, harness data-driven insights, and implement technological solutions, ultimately amplifying efficiency, informed decision-making, and innovation within her organization.

Her journey as a Recruitment Consultant commenced in the heart of the retail sector, where she honed her skills in identifying customer-centric individuals to drive business success. As technology transformed the landscape, she ventured into the IT domain, bridging innovative minds with cutting-edge projects. The hospitality realm soon beckoned, and she specialized in assembling guest-focused teams that enhance guest experiences. Subsequently, the worlds of fashion and consumer electronics captured her attention, motivating her to cultivate relationships with trendsetters, creatives, and technical wizards. Her versatile expertise enables her to understand the unique demands of each industry, ensuring she presents candidates who not only align but flourish within specific contexts.

Guided by her unwavering commitment to excellence and an innate talent for uncovering hidden gems, she thrives on the challenge of sourcing exceptional talent and uniting them with organizations that share their vision. Her approach is holistic, recognizing that successful recruitment transcends skills—it's about fostering enduring partnerships that catalyze growth and triumph.

Address: ERC International (Kosovo)