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UAE Head Hunter: We Are Looking for Israeli Tech Talents

Speaking with Calcalist’s Sophie Shulman, Ritjana Ceveli talks about some of the things that might attract Israeli workers to relocate to the UAE

“Israeli nationals, in general, come from very diverse backgrounds,” said CEO of ERC International, Ritjana Ceveli, speaking to Calcalist’s Sophie Shulman at the first Israel-Dubai conference, currently taking place in Dubai. “So I think that is a suitable fit for looking at the demographics of the UAE where people are from everywhere. The UAE has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle, so that is an attractive point for anyone who would want to move here.”

Ceveli, originally from Albania, has been in Dubai for 15 years and working in HR talent for high-tech companies for almost five of them. Having spotted a new talent pool in the form of Israelis, she is now focused on getting them to come to Dubai, either remotely or physically.

“Multinationals generally pay well because that’s across borders,” she told Shulman. “Microsoft and Google are all here… the multinationals will be aligned with other geographies when it comes to paychecks.”

You can watch the entire interview on CalcalisTech