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Head of Business Development

Ermira Mula

Experienced HR Leader Driving Positive Organizational Change

Human Resource Management
Team Leadership


As a seasoned Senior Human Resources leader and a manager, Ermira has used her strong human resources background and a blend of experience in various positions within private and publicly-traded sectors to affect positive change in the organizations where she’s worked. She specializes in Oil & Gas, Management & Consulting, Real Estate, etc. industries such as SHELL Company, UNHCR, etc. in various countries; UAE, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, etc. Effectively balancing big-picture thinking and strategic planning with hands-on execution has allowed Ermira to combine decisiveness, strong business acumen, and formal education to achieve objectives, professionally and personally. In her spare time, Ermira enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as reading a good book to close the day.

Address: ERC International (Albania)