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HR Consultancy

It would be a difficult task to deal with international HR issues since different national laws, political and socioeconomic business systems across the globe stands as barricades which are difficult to tackle. Here is where the expertise of ERC international makes a big difference. ERC works with you as an element of the HR team at your organization to offer excellent, integrated consulting and management solutions across regional as well as international markets. Our consultation service assists you in creating ties with several resources to easily handle international employees and efficiently coordinate internal and external processes for optimum output.

Connect with Our Experts

Rina min 1

Rina B. Tafili

Senior Recruitment Consultant/ Content Writer
Rhomiela min

Rhomiela Diafante

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Safran min

Safran Nazeer

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Lissa min

Lissa Shomuzhanga

Recruitment Consultant
Albina min

Albina Raka

Recruitment Consultant
Mansi min

Mansi Gaikwad

Recruitment Consultant
Yasir min

Yasir Arafat

Global Recruitment Team Lead
Quratulain min

Quratulain Maqsood

Global Team Lead