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Global Team Lead

Quratulain Maqsood

Connecting Top Talent with Opportunity | Senior Recruitment Team Lead & Emiratization Specialist

Screening & Interviewing


Qurat-ul-Ain Maqsood is a Senior Recruitment Team Lead specializing in Consumer Electronics, Emiratization & Retail Sector at ERC International. She possesses a passion for connecting top-tier talent with exceptional opportunities, and boasts a proven track record in sourcing, evaluating, and selecting candidates across diverse industries.

A graduate holding a master's degree in business Statistics and Management (MBSM), Qurat-ul-Ain is an ambitious, qualified, and goal-driven professional. She boasts excellent communication skills, as well as exceptional interpersonal and analytical abilities.

Joining ERC International HR Consultancy in May 2018 as a Research Analyst, Qurat-ul-Ain has embarked on a remarkable journey, evolving from a Researcher to an Experienced Recruitment Team Lead. Her expertise spans Consumer Electronics, Emiratization, and the Retail sector, overseeing mid-level to C-level hiring for prominent names in Multinationals, Government, and Semi-Government entities across local, regional, and international spheres.

Dedicated to crafting seamless hiring experiences, from mid-level to C-level placements, she excels in matching remarkable individuals with companies poised for growth.

As an Executive Search Specialist, she possesses prowess in sourcing CVs from LinkedIn and other portals, screening CVs, shortlisting candidates, conducting preliminary interviews, managing client communication, and overseeing the recruitment process from inception to completion.

She has demonstrated her passion for recruitment and her deep commitment to ERC International Human Resources through her adherence to a guiding principle she firmly believes in:

"Your human talent is what makes you unique."

Connect with her today to explore how she can elevate your talent acquisition pursuits.

Address: ERC International (UAE)