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Senior Recruitment Consultant/ Content Writer

Rina B. Tafili

Talent Curator and Storyteller | Blending Hospitality and Recruitment Artistry

Strategic Talent Acquisition
Relationship Building
Cultural Insight


Introducing Rina, a dedicated professional whose journey with ERC International is a harmonious blend of passion and purpose. Initially starting as a recruiter, she embarked on an academic pursuit in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Now, she returns not only as a recruiter but also as a dynamic content creator.

Armed with a robust foundation in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Rina perceives recruitment as the art of curating experiences. Drawing from her academic insights, she keenly discerns the subtleties that set exceptional candidates apart. Just as in the realm of hospitality, where each guest's experience is meticulously crafted, she applies the same meticulous attention to identifying talents that seamlessly align with ERC's vision.

As a content writer and creator, she infuses narratives with vibrancy, mirroring the dynamic essence of the industries she studied. From crafting engaging job descriptions to capturing ERC's endeavors through compelling articles, her words transcend information to establish meaningful connections.

With each piece of content, Rina doesn't merely convey; she ignites inspiration. This dual role empowers her to not only attract top-tier talent but also nurture their journey within ERC International. It's about fostering a holistic experience where the process of joining ERC is as exhilarating as the prospect of contributing to its triumph.

Merging the art of recruiting with insights from hospitality and tourism, Rina is resolute in her commitment to shape teams that function like finely orchestrated performances. Every candidate she introduces becomes a guest to the organization, with their journey commencing through her meticulous selection and expertly curated onboarding process.

Together, they're crafting more than careers—memorable stories of growth and accomplishment unfold at ERC International.

Address: ERC International (Kosovo)