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Chief Executive Officer

Ritjana Ceveli

Global Business Leader Driving Change in Emerging Markets | Equity Investments | Recruitment & Training Visionary

Strategic Investments and Restructuring
Recruitment and Training Strategy
Global Business Leadership


Ritjana comes with 18 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equity and Education. She was responsible for the execution, investments and restructuring across all Global Emerging Markets and GCC in her corporate days working for huge investment funds such as Aberdeen Asset Management, Masdar, Dubai Investment Group, and so on. She ventured into her own business related to recruitment and training because these two components alone can make a whole difference in people’s lives. Ritjana was a speaker for many forums in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bahrain, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, and works closely with nationalization programs on the recruitment side in the GCC and particularly with Emiratization. She believes in empowering the local workforce to bring the correct changes to their countries. Ritjana graduated from the London School of Economics and has lived in many countries around the world, bringing a wide range of experience and ideas. Her biggest passion in life is traveling and culture and history.

Address: ERC International (UAE)