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i turned gended biases into opportunities ritjana ceveli ceo erc international

I Turned Gender Biases Into Opportunities – Ritjana Ceveli

Ritjana Ceveli is the CEO and Founder of ERC International, a leading diversity and inclusion theme-focused executive search operator working across diversified industries which also serves over 50 start-ups across the MENA Region, Africa and the Balkans. Pushing women to the fore has gained her membership in the 30 Percent Club, a global campaign led…

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futuristic strategies hr professionals must implement in 2024

Futuristic Strategies HR Professionals Must Implement in 2024

In the symphony of industry evolution, HR leaders stand as conductors, orchestrating the harmony of talent and technology. As we set foot into 2024, the HR terrain is ablaze with transformative challenges and unprecedented opportunities. From the inexorable rise of AI-driven recruitment to the ongoing saga of the ‘Great Resignation,’ HR professionals are the architects…

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art of remote work

The Art of Remote Work

Creating an optimal remote workday poses its challenges, yet it stands as a crucial endeavor for sustaining both productivity and a harmonious work-life balance. To truly excel in the realm of remote work, it’s imperative to cultivate defined habits, strike a delicate balance, communicate with precision, harness the power of relevant tools and technologies, invest…

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working with a recruiter tips for candidates and companies

Working with a Recruiter: Tips for Candidates and Companies

Welcome to a transformative exploration into the symbiotic world of job seekers and recruiters. Working with a recruiter can be a game changer in the dynamic landscape of modern employment for both job seekers and employers. This blog unveils the game-changing benefits of partnering with recruiters, whether you’re seeking the perfect job or building a…

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the current state of the job market in sri lanka trends insights

The Current State of the Job Market in Sri Lanka: Trends and Insights

The economic landscape of Sri Lanka has been experiencing steady growth, driven by sectors such as tourism, services, and information technology (IT). This growth has translated into diverse job opportunities for both local and international talent. The strategic positioning of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean has further enhanced its role as a trade and…

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unlocking career opportunities how headhunting works in kosovo

Navigating Career Avenues: The Dynamics of Headhunting in Kosovo

In Kosovo, akin to global trends, headhunting plays a pivotal role in aligning top-notch talent with organizations seeking adept professionals. Despite its partial recognition on the international stage, with only 97 UN members acknowledging its statehood, Kosovo presents compelling attributes that beckon foreign investment. Opting for headhunting in Kosovo stands out as an optimal choice…

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